LaGrande after the earthquake

Earthquake Slip, LaGrande, WA
Earthquake Slip, LaGrande, WA

This image shows the earthquake slip in LaGrande, Wash. I’m guessing this was the earthquake of April 29, 1949.

The Oregon Department of Geology states, “It was a magnitude 7.1, Olympia, eight killed and $150 million in damage in Washington, minor damage in Northwest Oregon. This was the largest and best documented quake in the Northwest and was felt over 230,000 square miles.”

There were reports of damage throughout Eatonville back then, including the High School and the liquor store and Otto Haynes said it fixed he clock in his car.

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Woehl and Tacoma Power.

Click on image to enlarge.

3 responses to “LaGrande after the earthquake”

  1. Wonderful picture. I am researching LaGrande because my husband’s aunt, Opal Rea was the postmistress there. If there is any information on her or the time the Post office was in use, I would really appreciate it.
    This is a great site—especially the woody in the picture. We had one I was a baby.


    • Hi,
      There is a great book (1981) called Postmarked Washington: Pierce County. It has all kind of information about all the post offices from pretty much their start. I’m looking at it now and they have her down at Mrs. Hutoka Opal Hodgins. Does that sound right? The post office started in 1910. Looks like she probably ran it from Feb 17, 1934 to March 20, 1939. It also says that Mrs. Hutoka Opal Hodgin’s former name wafs Mrs. Ralph Lingle Collins.


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