LaGrande and Power Station Building 1940s

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Construction for Alder Dam, 1940s
Construction for Alder Dam, 1940s

The new Alder Dam was completed in the 1940s, replacing an older version built in 1912.

During construction you would have seen scenes likes these at LaGrande.

Photos courtesy of Jeannie Woehl and Tacoma Power.

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  1. I’m just fascinated with the old photos. I love history. My mom, sis & I used to go all around the counrtyside, up the coast just looking for old ghost tlwns. Arizona is great for that too. But I’m fortunate enough to live in this lovely historical town & am always looking for new history. I think I’ll stay on this website for a long time. This is great. Thank you for sharing these treasures.

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