Nisqually-Alder Reservoir – Elbe 1957

Elbe, 1957, Nisqually Reservoir
Elbe, 1957, Nisqually Reservoir

A look at Elbe in 1957 at 1,197 feet.

If you look close, you can spot a lot of the buildings of today, including the tiny church and today’s the popular railroad, among others.

Thanks to the Terry Maves and Tacoma Power. 

Click on image to enlarge.

2 responses to “Nisqually-Alder Reservoir – Elbe 1957”

  1. Great pic! You can’t quite see it from the picture here but on the South Shore of Alder Lake to the left here was an Old Homestead. The road to it cross to East Creek. If you Google Earth it you can still see where the old Wood Bridge used to be. I told Bill McDonald about a potential interview if you were still interested. Let me know. Thanks for the great picture


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