Acting Out During Robin Hood Days – 1956

Robin Hood Days 1956
Robin Hood Days 1956

During the 1950s, after the the Eatonville mill shut down, the town went into kind of a panic. How would it survive with its major industry gone? How could they bring in new businesses? They townspeople didn’t want Eatonville to disappear like other small logging towns.

What happened next was called Operation Bootstrap   It was an ambitious project — the entire community came together, along with some gentlemen from the University of Washington to take a deep look at what the town had to offer.

One of the ideas was Robin Hood Days. It made sense, because archery was big in Eatonville, and this event was going to be regional event. These shots where taken by Joe Larin in 1956 of men battling in tights. (Yes, there were lots of men in tights around Eatonville for a while.)

I’m not sure who these two guys in the photos are. If you know, please share!

Photos courtesy of Joe Larin and the Baublets family.

Click on images to enlarge.

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