Eatonville Dispatch June 23, 1916

Eatonville Dispatch Article

I absolutely love reading this issue of the Dispatch — June 23, 1916. It is filled with so much detail about what was going on back then. I invite anyone to click on it, blow it up and read about:
• The high school kids having a party at Ohop Bob.
• Longmire Springs Hotel is getting the OK to be built.
• The basketball game between Eatonville and Kapowsin.
• Train schedules up to Ashford
• A car wreck near Alder
• Dr. Bridge gets an ambulance.
• Milk cows for sale
• Marriages, dances and so much more.

For those of you who are familiar with the names of early Eatonville residents, I think you’ll enjoy reading about the small moments in their lives. For others, I think you’ll enjoy seeing what small town life in 1916 was like.

Click on image to enlage.

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