Setting up the stage Rock Festival (July 1970)

This grainy photo appeared almost 50 years ago in the Chronicle, and is part of Bernice Sjoblom’s scrapbook about the Buffalo Party Convention and Pig Roast (aka Eatonville rock festival).

At the time these young people were setting up the scaffolding (around July 2), the festival had been banned by the prosecutors, people were already arriving for the event and the Buffalo Party organizers were threatening to appeal the decision.

As you all know, the show did go on.

One response to “Setting up the stage Rock Festival (July 1970)”

  1. For thirty years now I have live just down the tracks from the old driveway of Don Murphy. I was given Buffalo Rock yesterday, Christmas 2020, and have read thru it. For many years I would travel down the tracks, fish in the ponds and traverse down the rocks at the waterfalls. I was not born when this event took place but reading the book brought a smile to my face. Thank you for writing about this history.


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