History of Southeastern Pierce County

History of Southeastern Pierce County
History of Southeastern Pierce County

History of Southeastern Pierce County
Besides a history of Eatonville, Ohop Valley, Longmire, Ashford, National, Elbe, Alder and LaGrande, this 235-page book also includes 154 photographs, an every-name index to text and photographs and the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Eatonville Dispatch. 252 pp. Velobound. 1989.

Where to Order Your Copy
You can order yours through the Tacoma Pierce-County Genealogical Society for $30.00, plus postage and handling.

32 responses to “History of Southeastern Pierce County”

  1. […] Post masters The little post office changed hands frequently. “Fred Hodgins, one of the early settlers, had the store and post office. He died suddenly and his brave little wife, Opal, carried on until she sold out to Floyd Gilbert, who took charge of the store and wife Helen was appointed postmaster in 1939.” History of Tacoma Eastern Area […]


  2. […] Ed was one of the 33 men who “fell into line at the upper end of Mashell Avenue at the command of J. H. Cosper, formerly First Lieutenant of the 7th Infantry, and Red Men’s Hall. A Welcome Home address was given by T. C. Van Eaton after an introduction by Mayor Bridge. R. A. Canty, fomerly of the stated at Camp Lewis, gave the response.”  (History of South Eastern Pierce County.) […]


  3. […] Clint, Larry, S. P., N. W., B. A. and S. L. were among the signers of the petition requesting incorporation of the Town of Eatonville in 1909. Clint Smith was elected Councilman of the first Town election. And S. L. Smith was the Town Marshal in 1912. (History of Southeastern Pierce County.) […]


  4. […] “Chas. Boettcher, Glen Parks and Frank Shepherd formed the Nisqually Single Mill Co. and built a two-machine shingle mill in 1914 at the mouth of Alder Creek. This is where the first dam was built by the City of Tacoma across the Nisqually River and it formed a small lake. They used this for a mill pond. They also engaged in logging on a small scale, using the lake to float their logs to the railroad. They ceased operations in 1920.” (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County) […]


  5. I recently heard about another book written about Ashford, Elbe and, I think, Eatonville. It was written by a local author and I found his website where the says the last printing is sold out and there won’t be another. I remember finding a copy in a library catalog, but now I can’t remember the exact title or the author. Can you provide any information?


    • OK, I answered my own question by looking through your links, only I had the towns wrong. I am looking for sources of info on Ashford and Elbe, any assistance would be appreciated.


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