Town Turns out to Level Mashell (ca. 1924)

Eatonville State Bank & town clean up
Road leveling outside Eatonville State Bank

This picture seems appropriate as Eatonville gets prepared to repave Mashell Ave. this summer.

The crows is assembled outside Eatonville State Bank (now Key Bank) as they leveled Marshell.  Looks like it was an effort by all judging by the number of shovels in hand.

Photo: Courtesy Pat Van Eaton

Click on photo enlarge.

2 responses to “Town Turns out to Level Mashell (ca. 1924)”

  1. A close look at the photo shows planked walks across the street. These show up in other early photos of Mashell Ave.I would guess the mud or dust depnding on the season was at least ankel depth.These planked walks were placed at various points in the business district. They kept the ladies long skrits clean & the mud off mens boots & out of the stores.


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