First Boiler headed to Elbe Sawmill

Moving First Boiler to Sawmill, early 1900s
Moving First Boiler to Sawmill, early 1900s

This boiler, headed to a sawmill around Elbe, was the latest in technology. Men were moving away from horse power and toward steam power. In fact, this boiler may have well been on it’s way be incorporated into a steam donkey.

To the left of the photo is Adam and Lloyd Sachs. Lloyd had the distinction of being the first child born in Elbe. Henry Luikens is the bearded man beside them.

Nate Williams is standing in the middle by the horses.  Sitting on top of the boiler is his son Clyde Williams, and his other son, Charley, is the young man on the boiler with the dog.

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams and Pat Van Eaton.

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