Christmas Dinner at Ohop Grange, 1926

Christmas party at the Ohop Grange
Christmas party at the Ohop Grange

Folks are gathered here in the Ohop Grange for Christmas dinner, probably around 1926 when the building went up.

The Ohop Grange was chartered October 24, 1924, and has been active every since.

The first meetings were held at the Edgerton  Schoolhouse until the grange was constructed. The members built it themselves for only $650 in materials.

It’s always been kind of a community center for the Ohop Valley residents — like myself. My earliest memories involve being part of Grange Christmas pageants and Dad dressed up like Santa. Today everything is held there from meeting to anniversaries celebrations — even my brother’s wedding reception was held there.

Interesting fact: A romance between the Grange secretary and treasurer resulted in a wedding at the Grange Hall in 1930. The lovebirds were Velma LeMaster and Matthias Kjelstad

Matt and Velma Kjelstad wedding
Matt and Velma Kjelstad wedding

Photos courtesy of Steve Burwash.

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