Center Street 1926

Center Street around 1926
Center Street around 1926

This picture has a little wear and tear, but it’s one of my favorites of Center Street, taken around 1926. You can clearly see Christensen’s Clothing (now the Sears building), and kitty corner from it is the Eatonville Bank.

Some of the hot topics in Eatonville that year were:

The paving of Mountain Road (known now as Highway 7). It was paved except through the Nisqually Canyon and Ashford celebrated with a dance in September.

• Clay company reopens. The Far West Clay Co. of Clay City got started up under new management after having been out of operation for a four years.

Friendly Inn. The inn was remodeled and reopened. Little did they know it would become the scene of an unsolved two years later.

• Bootleggers Sermons. Rev. C. L. Walker of the Community Methodist Church preached a series of sermons on about liquor, including: “Pure Moonshine, Or How Will you Have Your Poison?” and “The Failure of Prohibition — can a man be Patriotic and still break the laws he does not like?” 

Photo Courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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