The Galbraiths & the Hills

Galbraith and Hills Christmas Cards
Galbraith and Hills Christmas Cards

This post comes from David Breneman:

John Galbraith was my grandfather’s best friend. My grandfather, William Hill, managed the Standard Oil depot in Eatonville. The last time I was in town, it was still there, as was my grandparents’ house, a couple blocks away from the Galbraiths’.

When the Galbraiths left Eatonville, they moved into the vacation house they had built in the 1930s in Rosedale, near Gig Harbor. In 1946, my grandparents bought a house across Lay Inlet from the Galbraiths’. Both houses were built by the same man, a retired boat builder name Combs. When the Galbraiths sent out a photo Christmas card in the 1940s, my grandfather countered with a parody Christmas card of the barn in his own yard.

Image courtesy of David Breneman.

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