Mashell Ave. 1917 and 2011

Mashell Ave. 1917
Mashell Ave. 1917

Here is a before and after picture of Mashell Ave. The first shot is 1917 and then second was taken in 2011, 95 years later.

1917 was the first year of WWI and some of Eatonville’s young men went off to war. With the lack of men to work the mills, wages went up. (Common laborers back then were getting $3.00 to $3.50 for a 10-hour day.)

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams and Chris Bivins.

Click on image to enlarge.

Mashell Ave. 2012
Mashell Ave. 2012

5 responses to “Mashell Ave. 1917 and 2011”

  1. WOW, you have a camera that takes pictures into the future !! (2012…OOPS ??) I like how they saved the classic street lights. Looks like a pretty quaint little town, maybe I’ll visit there someday !! (LOL) Is the Tall Timber cafe back in business yet ?? Bruno’s and Cruiser cafe must be thriving, since Jebino’s and Tall Timber are closed.


    • I knew I put 2012 somewhere. Thanks for the catch. I hear Tall Timber may be back in action as soon as December, but that’s just the word around town. Just had lunch at Cruiser Cafe, so doing my part to support the local economy — with my appetite. 🙂


      • I’m glad to hear that the Tall Timber might be re-opening. Same owners ?? I still like the idea you had for it, maybe when you get your Hallmark $$ you could do that !!


      • No, not the same owners. There was a suicide, 😦 hence the closing in the first place. But looking forward to meeting the new owners and to see what they do with it. 🙂


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