The Pour House was once an ice cream shop

Ice cream store ca 1926
Ice cream store ca 1926

The buildings around Eatonville have housed quite a few different businesses over the decades.

Ruth and Waddell’s Confectionery was probably today’s Pour House. The store was gutted in 1923 by a fire that tore through town.

I’m guessing the picture was taking around 1926 because that’s when Royal Ice Cream (still in operation today) started delivering products. And also because the “straw boater’s hat” which the man on the left is sporting, was the height of style back then.

A little about the owners
Owners Frank Ruth and Waddell were both active businessmen, but not much is written about them. Besides owning the Confectionery, we know Frank was on the town council for some time and Lee open a place called Columbia Cafe in 1912.

Swiss Straw Hat ad in 1926
Swiss Straw Hat ad in 1926

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlage.

10 responses to “The Pour House was once an ice cream shop”

  1. My comment was as to what the building is today. It’s shown as a candy store on the 1915 map. It also shows up in earlier photos a as a ice cream store.


  2. A current pic of the building as “The Pour House ” would be cool to see , of how the building has changed (or NOT). Being a candy and Ice cream store to a beer pub, either way it is pleasing to the pallet, and consuming delicious products !! 🙂 Maybe beer and Ice cream !!?? ( Root beer float, mius the root !!)


  3. Your May 13th article on July 4th parades has a picture of the same ice cream store you can see the sign that reads “ice cream” on the left side of the picture.The date on that picture is around 1910.


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