Eatonville Lumber Company 1908

Eatonville Lumber Company 1908
Eatonville Lumber Company 1908

What’s interesting about this 1908 shot of the Eatonville Lumber Company is the burner. Most times the shots are of a domed burner (aka wigwam burner), which was built  in 1932 after the 1st mill burned down.

The mill is brand new in the picture, built in 1907. No sooner was it up and running, there were financial difficulties and new management was needed. The Bank of California hired T. S. Galbraith to operate the mill. He came to Eatonville in the fall of 1909 and his family moved up the following year.

Galbraith would go on to play a major roll in the town for years to follow.

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams.

Click on image to enlarge.


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