Mashell Ave., a winter wonderland

Mashell Ave. November 2011
Mashell Ave. November 2011

This picture was taken by Lynn at Eatonville Outdoor during the last snow. The wintery shot of Mashell Avenue gets you in the holiday mood and shows off the new street lights.

Thanks Lynn!


4 responses to “Mashell Ave., a winter wonderland”

  1. Notice the lone bicycle tire track straight to the bike shop !! Gee, I wonder whose that is ?? I remember delivering the TNT newspaper to many Eatonville residents in weather like this, on my bicycle back in the 60’s. BRRRR !! I love snow,(in pictures that is !!)


    • I used to wonder if the paper boys just went on foot in the snow. Guess not. I knew one kid that delivered (at least once) on a unicycle — but not in the snow. 🙂


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