Inside the Eatonville Lumber Company Store

Inside the Eatonville Lumber Company store
Inside the Eatonville Lumber Company store

Here is a peak inside the Eatonville Lumber Company store around 1942. If you look closely you can see a crack in the glass case, which looks like it’s full of Coke bottles. Pat Van Eaton says as a little kid he was always worried that if he touched that cracked case it would shatter.

As you can see, there was a little bit of everything for sale here, including dry goods.

University of Washington Collection
This picture is part of the University of Washington’s special collection and you can click HERE if you’d like to order a reproduction or one of their other Eatonville images.

Click on image to enlarge.


3 responses to “Inside the Eatonville Lumber Company Store”

  1. That picture brings back many memories! During our upper grade school years many of us boys would meet just west of the mansion were a small open field provided a great place to play football or baseball. We would play until the mill whistle blew. In my case it was a ride home. Also the picture inside the mill store reminds me of those 5 cent scoops of ice cream and pop. For 15 cents you could buy a double scoop of ice cream and a pop. Also at the top of the stairway they had an assortment of model airplane kits that were popular with many of us boys. Thanks for the memories!


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