King’s Place — Smokes for Sale (1940s)

King's Place, ca. 1940s
King's Place, ca. 1940s

I’m not sure why I like this shot of King’s Place so much. Maybe it’s the signs:

. . .  the Camel ad in the bottom corner or the Chevron Supreme above.

. . . the slogan “Midway to Mount Rainier” or

. . . King’s Place, the House of Good Food”.

The old gas tanks just give it that additional iconic feel.

Photo courtesy of Pat VanEaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

10 responses to “King’s Place — Smokes for Sale (1940s)”

  1. I really like old gas station, and old diner pics also, I think it reminds me of a slower pace life style. Did you notice the hand pumped oil dispensers right out by the pumps. That must have been before oil was available in cans. We had a couple of those at my dad’s shop, but only for oil changes. I like watching the old black and white movies from the 30’s and 40’s on TCM just to see the the old diners, gas stations, and old cars too. I really like the way they dressed back then also, men & women. Thanks for posting this cool pic.


    • Thanks for the information about the oil out front. I kind of thought that’s what it might be, but glad to know for sure.


      • Before my time, but an interesting tid-bit about oil sold in quarts. Back in the ’30’s and probably the ’40’s Oil was sold in quart glass containers, with metal spouts. (NOT the canning style qt.jars)I don’t know if they were reusable or not. I only know this from seeing old oil adds in old magamazines,(I mean magazines)


  2. I happen to have one of those old glass containers with the metal spout (for oil). I had bought a car back in the 80’s and it was in the trunk. I will try to dig it out and take a pic of it. To David: I too like old pics of those eras. Last fall, I went to LeMays museum in Parkland. I can’t remember what it cost but the old cars were pretty good. They had a Tucker there too!


  3. I like the shot of King’s place with the Ohop Grange in the background, it was a mile up the road from our house, my Mom sold blackberries to them for their wild blackberry pies,but they were never as good as my Mom’s.


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