Ashford Postcard of Mesler Stop (1911)

Mesler postcard, Ashford, 1911
Mesler postcard, Ashford, 1911

This postcard was mailed out of Ashford, Wash., on February 4, 1911, at 6 a.m. The postmaster was Cara J. Ashford, and she held that position from the time the post office opened, Nov. 16, 1894. until Dec., 19, 1938.

The front of the card shows the Mesler place. “The Meslers’ was another stopping place for rouists. Mr. Mesler had one of the early sawmills on his place. A water wheel was used for power. Mr. and Mrs. Mesler were the parents of one son, Alexander and three daughters, Clara, Belle and Bess.” (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County)

People are probably more familiar tpdau with the Alexander Country Inn, in Ashford.  It was built by Alexander Mesler in 1912, a year after this postcard was mailed.

He built the 10,000 square foot building and opened it as a roadhouse, catering to tourists coming up to see the newly-establisehd Mount Rainier National Park. Alexander’s siblings helped run the inn.

For an interesting time timeline of the Inn’s history, just click here.

Image courtesy of Diane Mettler.

Mesler postcard, Ashford, 1911 (side 2)
Mesler postcard, Ashford, 1911 (side 2)

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