Logging in the Canyon (ca. 1919)

Logging the canyon
Logging the canyon

Eatonville was a logging town for decades. And you can still see guys in rubber suspenders and cork boots around town.

There are no end to amazing “old timey” Eatonville logging shots. Here’s one labeled “logging  the canyon”. Maybe up near Canyon Road?  And the gentleman 2nd to the left if Robert McGilivery.

Despite the lack of information about where it’s shot, there’s a wealth of information in the shot — a look at the old steam donkey, with its beat up tin roof and the stack of wood to fuel it, as well as the spools holding the cable.

Photo courtesy of the Eatonville Historical Society and Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

5 responses to “Logging in the Canyon (ca. 1919)”

  1. The person 2nd from the left is my great uncle Robert Mc Gilivery ca 1919.They logged the right-of-way then the yarder furnished steam for the drills.


    • It amazes me the work that went into creating the roads back then. Today we drive so many nice paved hiways, kind of taking them for granted. Canyon road is a beautiful scenic drive, thanks to these pioneer “DOT” heros !!


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