Fleet of Kelly Springfield Trucks (ca. 1923)

Griffith & Graeber's fleet of Kelly Trucks, early 20s
Griffith & Graeber's fleet of Kelly Trucks, early 20s

Fabulous shot of a fleet of Kelly Springfield Trucks operated by Griffith & Greaber logging out of Eatonville.

This photo is worth clicking on to enlarge to see the incredible detail. The trucks look pretty primitive compared to the trucks of today, but look at the size of the logs they’re hauling.

Courtesy the Jack Graeber family.

Click on images to enlarge.

7 responses to “Fleet of Kelly Springfield Trucks (ca. 1923)”

  1. These trucks are awesome. Each one has a different roof structure. They were probably only available as a cab and chassis leaving the owner/operator to create what they needed to cover the cab.

    I wonder if there are any surviving examples of these trucks around?


    • I like them too. I’ve seen a lot of antique logging trucks, but none like these. I’ll have to check around and see if someone has one on display. It would be great if someone had one in the woods for a demo. 🙂


      • I don’t have one that was used in the logging industry but I do own one that was used for the farming industry.
        It was stolen 18 months ago and we just got it back yesterday (Oct.19 14), my husband had purchured it from the original family that had bought it almost a 100 years ago.
        It is in good shape for as old as it is,not sure if I want to restore it or leave it alone, it’s very weathered but like I said still rollable and the engine is free,it is however stuck in a gear,I will get the engine running and might even restore it not sure. The truck looks just like the ones in the picture.
        This is my email
        I may want to sell the truck.


  2. […] An undated photo of a fleet of Kelly Springfield logging trucks in Eatonville, Washington, at Fleet of Kelly Springfield Trucks (ca. 1923) – Eatonville To Rainier (You can click on the image to enlarge it).  Note that most of the trucks in these photos have […]


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