Marie Lutkens Postcard (1910)

Postcard to Marie Lutkens from her sister Minnie 1910
Postcard to Marie Lutkens from her sister Minnie 1910

Marie Lutkens Drussel, the daughter of Henry Lutkens, was one of the pioneering families of Elbe. Here’s a postcard sent to her from her sister Minnie.

The postcard is dated 1910, and was probably stamped by the Alder postmaster at the time Martin Hotes. The post office was seven miles outside Eatonville on the north shore of Alder lake. The Hotes family ran the office from the time it was established in 1902 through 1921.

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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Marie Luktens postcard 1910 pg 2
Marie Luktens postcard 1910 pg 2

9 responses to “Marie Lutkens Postcard (1910)”

  1. This post card shows the tpye of mail sevice they had 1910.They mailed the card at 4:OOPM on the 15th saying they would be on the 3:OO PM train on 16th.


    • I have recently moved back to Washington state and have started tracing my ancestry. Martin, are you still around? My grandfather was John Martin Hotes.


      • Hi Heather! We are distant cousins – your Great Grandfather Martin and my Great Great Grandfather Christian Kruse, were brothers-in-law, via Martin’s marriage to Margaretha Kruse Hotes. I would love to connect with you- we have quite a bit of information on the Hotes to share and would love to see if you have any on the Kruses/Old Alder.

        Also, would love to chat with you as well, Martin, if you are interested!

        Thank you both!



      • Jenny, I am so sorry. I just found this again. Life and caregiving got in the way. I would love chatting with you. Diane mentioned that the book “History of Southeastern Pierce County“ has a lot of references to Hotes in it. I am going to buy that from the TPCGS. How do we connect without exposing our email or phone number to telemarking? I have a Facebook account and messenger.


  2. Hi Heather! I’d love to connect, I just added you on Facebook and sent you a message – I know they can sometimes go to spam, so also replying to you here! Looking forward to speaking to you!


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