Martin Carlson and family (1909)

Martin Carlson Family - 1909
Martin Carlson Family – 1909

This early photograph shows Martin Carlson at his Mount Vernon farm a couple years before he moved to Alder.

Carl Linden says, “Left to right — Martin’s wife, Elsa, holding Margaret, Helen, Ruth, Einar, David and the man is unknown to me, probably a hired hand for the haying. Three more girls were born after that…in Eatonville: Elsie (1911), Esther  (1914) and Alice (1917).

Photo courtesy of Carl Linden.

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4 responses to “Martin Carlson and family (1909)”

  1. Hallo.
    I ‘m a German teacher. For a text in a music book for about folk music I would rather like to use this lovely photo of the Carlson Family 1908. Could you send me a permission or a contact to ask for it.
    Thank you very much.
    Best wishes
    Michael Bromm


    • Hi,

      Thank you for the email. Carl Linden owns the photo, I just have the authority to put it on the website. However, you could contact him by email at I’m sure he’ll probably be flattered by the request. 🙂


  2. Hello, my wife and I just purchased a 20 acre parcel on Alder-cutoff rd that I understand to be part of the old Carlson homestead. (It was a 160 acre homestead that the divided into 8 seperate 20 acre parcels, one for each child mentioned here). I was wondering if you have any more information about the homestead or family? Thank you!


    • I’m not sure if this is the same Carlson family, but if you (as it’s kind of a common name) you can check out the History of Southeastern Pierce County book from the Eatonville library. It covers Eatonville from it’s inception through 1959. 🙂


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