Early Eatonville Bakery – 1919

Chanley Cahamberlain's Bakery , 1919
Chanley Chamberlain’s Bakery , 1919

As a new bakery is moving into Eatonville, and we’re waiting to see what calorie-filled wonders they’ll have for sale, I thought picture would be appropriate.

You’re look at the inside of Chanley Cahamberlain’s (half brother of Nate Williams) Bakery. It store was in the Kneip Building — currently Postnet on Mashell Ave.

I love the chalkboard in front of the counter. If you zoom in it reads, “Vote for the Most Popular Lady”.

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams and Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

24 responses to “Early Eatonville Bakery – 1919”

  1. Where is the new bakery going to be ?? As I remember Kneips trucking was on the left side of Babe’s Cafe (Tall Timber to you newbies !!)There was an open space between the two buildings, but I don’t remember how much, I think only a few feet. It was a pretty rickity building back in the 60’s, so it might have been torn down. The building that is past the vacant lot (the yellow building)to the left of Tall Timber doesn’t look to me to be Kneips building, unless they did a total renovation of it. I don’t think there was a whole vacant lot back then, so again, my guess would be Kneips Trucking building was torn down.


    • Thanks for the info. The new bakery is going where the old bakery was on Washington. The are just in the process of sprucing it up.


      • They just need to keep the flys out of the pastry cabinets. We stopped in there in August when I was up for my 40th class reunion, and there were flys landing on some of the pasteries, needless to say , we got something from the other display case. What’s the latest on “Babe’s Cafe” ??


      • You’ve gotten all gentrified. 🙂

        Babe’s (aka Tall Timber) was going to open February 4, but it’s going to take a littler longer to get up and running. But it’s still scheduled to open.


    • So they DID renovate it, It looked pretty rough back in the day, and like I said, I didn’t remember how much space between Babe’s and Kneips Trucking. Seem there used to be a lean-to off the right side of the Kneip building, maybe that’s why it seemed closer to Babe’s


  2. Love the photo! Rest assured that the flies are not welcome. Cleanliness is very important to us and we are very excited to be opening the Cottage Bakery & Cafe in the next couple of weeks.


      • I will definately talk to the owners of the house. I know that they have some really great photos from the mid 90’s when they first converted it to a bakery. Maybe they will have some that date back even farther. It would be really neat to see. I can also get some photos of the current “updating” that we are wrapping up. We can’t wait to open!


  3. The “house” at one time was margie Coburn’s mothers house, well into the ’70’s. Her name was Dow. Perhaps margie has some pictures if someone local would inquire.


  4. The house at one time belonged to Mrs. Dow. Mrs Dow was from England and lived in Morton with her husband and twin daughters Muriel and Margie. After her husband died she moved to Eatonville and the bakery was her home. When Mrs Dow passed the girls sold the house. The girls graduated from Eatonville High School, Muriel married Arnold Michelson and Margie married Gerry Colburn, Muriel now lives in Puyallup and Margie in Eatonville.
    The building next to Babes Cafe at one time was a funeral home later Kneips trucking and I think Curves it has been several years since I have been back to Eatonville so do not know who has the building.


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