Robin Hood Days & Cedar Shakes (1954)

Robin Hood Day Parade — Haynes & Son truck
Robin Hood Day Parade — Haynes & Son truck

Pictured is the O.E. Haynes & Son truck, which took part in the Robin Hood Days parade. The sign on the back reads “Hand Split Cedar Shakes”and there is paper archery target on the cab (kind of the Robin Hood Days logo) and Robin Hood sitting on the shingles.

This shot was taken at the intersection of S. Center Street and Mashell Ave. You can see Christensen Motors is in the background.

Thank Pat Van Eaton for the information and the picture as well as the Haynes family.

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2 responses to “Robin Hood Days & Cedar Shakes (1954)”

  1. I remember that truck very well. I was dressed in a Robin Hood costume
    as we made our way during the Daffodil parade route. I can remember a few cat calls from some of my friends along the route. Great memories.


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