Ohop Valley (Early 1900s)

Ohop Valley - early 1900s
Ohop Valley – early 1900s

A colorized version of Ohop Valley early 1900s — taken I think from the Kjelstad farm looking toward Mt. Rainier. It looks like there’s a lake in the middle, but if you’re familiar with Ohop Valley, you know that it floods a lot. Farmers often have water front property during heavy rains.

Photo courtesy of Gary Henrickson.

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2 responses to “Ohop Valley (Early 1900s)”

  1. Diane,

    I think this picture was taken from the Anderson farm right below Ohop Bob. The valley turns east from their farm and the mountain is dead center.


    • You’re probably right. I thought I was looking at Anderson’s barn. Now I don’t know who’s barn that is. 🙂 But that would make my folks property that is flooded. That would make sense. 🙂


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