Receive for Fire Alarm Bell

T. C. Van Eaton, Ingersoll receipt (1911)
T. C. Van Eaton, Ingersoll receipt (1911)

This 1911 receipt for $3.00 to T. C. Van Eaton from the town Treasurer, G. B. Ingersoll, was for money towards the Eatonville fire alarm bell. The bell cost $31.50 and was used to warn townspeople for decades.

“In 1912, the auto stage replaced the horse drawn state lines, although the Eatovnille fire fighters continued to use a horse cart propelled by man-power for almost 20 more years.” (History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

Eatonville Firehouse 1942
Eatonville Firehouse 1942

Image courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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