Hazel and Helen Williams

Hazel Williams early 1900s
Hazel Williams early 1900s

This stunning woman is Hazel Williams, daughter of Nate Williams. Nate was a rough and tumble man who came with T.C. Van Eaton (his brother-in-law) in 1889 to homestead in the new town of Eatonville.

Hazel was one of six children, Tom, Charlie, Leon and Clyde and Carrie. She and Carrie both died when they were quite young. The baby in Hazel’s arms is  Helen Williams.

Photos courtesy of  the Williams family.

Hazel and Helen Williams
Hazel and Helen Williams

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4 responses to “Hazel and Helen Williams”

  1. I thought Nate Williams was TC Van Eaton’s brother-in-law? Was not Nate married to Sarah Van Eaton TC’s sister?


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