Tents up Near Ashford 1909 — and the World’s Fair

Paradise Valley - 1909
Paradise Valley – 1909

I just purchased this postcard on eBay. It’s a nice shot of Paradise Valley in 1909.

The other cool thing about this is the postage markings on the back, in particular that it reads Seattle World’s Fair 1909. I didn’t even know that Seattle has world’s fair back then.

If you want to read a little on the fair, here’s a great article from the Seattle Times, 100 Years Later, Seattle’s First World’s Fair Remembered”.

Here’s and excerpt: “IT WAS COOL and wet on June 1, the day the A-Y-P opened. Fairgoers arrived by trolley, train, boat and foot — only a few had cars — and began pouring through the turnstiles at 8 a.m.: 50 cents for adults, 25 cents for children (11 cents for everyone at night).

Frederick & Nelson department store gave its employees the day off. Standard Furniture Co. offered A-Y-P bargains: $1.65 kitchen chairs and $17.85 davenports. Credit, of course!”

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler

1909 Worlds Fair in Seattle
1909 Worlds Fair in Seattle

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6 responses to “Tents up Near Ashford 1909 — and the World’s Fair”

  1. This fair was actually called the Alaskan Yukon Exposition,it was held because SEattle was the city that handled all the supplies and shipping for the Alaska gold rush.


  2. The Henry Hedborg family made the trip and visited the expo that summer,Curtis was 9 and Ida (Nagley) was 7 Sadie (Cronkite) and Helen (Gibert) were not old enough to go. Grampa Curtis told me it was one of the Highlights of his chidhood,to go to Seattle and see the expo,he was born here on the farm in 1899,and so was a huge adventure for him. I still have the souveniers the children brought home with them.


  3. they brought baok inscribed green teacups with brass pressed intricate bases,small three colored ribbons with inscribed meddalions attached, and four chalk figureine dolls about 16 inches tall,one for each of the chidren,and metal coin banks in the shape of a small bulding ,these banks were quite popular in that time period


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