Logging in National (1926)

Steep incline, Pacific National Lumber Co.
Steep incline, Pacific National Lumber Co.

These shots of the Pacific National Lumber Company were taken in National, Wash., August 1926 by C. Kinsey of in 1926.

The first is an extremely steep incline, with tracks running at least half the way up. If you zoom in you can see the cables hanging from the poles and the well-used transport cars at the bottom of the hill.

The second shot was also taken of the Pacific National Lumber Co., in National, in September of the same year, capturing the steam donkey and crew. Take a look at the enormous timbers the men are sitting on.

Although the technology and steep-slope logging techniques have changed over last 86 years, it looks like logging suspenders have stayed in fashion.

Photos courtesy of the South Pierce County Historical Society.

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Pacific National Lumber Co, National, WA  1926
Pacific National Lumber Co, National, WA 1926

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  1. This was supposed to be an Amusment park with the steepest roller coaster on the west coast. But it was a failed venture, so they just logged it instead !! These historical facts were found in the archives of my brain, not to taken seriously, but just to be played with for fun !!

      1. I know then facts and true stuff are always so boring, Maybe you could start a new site, “Eatonville to Wonderland” (a trip through whatever !!)( A fictional history.) That might be alot of fun !!

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