EHS Class of 1926

EHS Class of 1926
EHS Class of 1926

This is a nice shot of the EHS Class of 1926. Their motto was “Quality, not Quantity”. (Thank you too to the person that wrote down all the names!)

First Row: Harold Westby, Fay Williams, Nell Nightengale, Hazel Wallace, Verora Rathbone, William Smith, Fred Boyles.

Second Row: Arthur Semple, Agnes Duffy, Mary Leeper, Aldea Jacobson, Edith Berg, Ivan Swanson, Nels Yefldt

Third Row: Morgan Williams, Kenneth Burgess, Doris Hecht, Miss Lillian Larson, Worthy Hecht

Photo courtesy of the Taylor and King families.

Names and Motto - Class of 1926
Names and Motto – Class of 1926

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