Center Street and Gas Street Lighting (ca. 1913)

Center Street around 1913
Center Street around 1913

This picture taken around 1913 looks down Center Street from just above the Mashell Ave./Center Street intersection. To the right you can see the well house in front of the hotel. And on the other side of the street is the New Mashell Restaurant.

The ornate street lamp (to the right of the men and in the center of the shot) stands out amongst the wooden poles.

Gas lights
Judging by the tank at the bottom, this was probably a gas-powered street lamp, which would have been common back then. Below is an excerpt about gas lights from International Good Guys:

“Gas street lighting remained under development into the 1930s and electric street lighting was introduced piecemeal, the gas lamps were already in place throughout the towns and the big arc lights were cumbersome and difficult to maintain. The incandescent bulb became a viable street lighting option about the time of the First World War but this involved laying cables and making new light fittings to avoid people being electrocuted on the metal lamp posts. The bulbs themselves were neither terribly bright nor very reliable.”

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