EHS Sophomore Class 1926-27

EHS Sophomore class, 1926-27
EHS Sophomore class, 1926-27

With school back in session for the 2012-2013 year, it’s fun to look back the classes than went before.

Here’s a shot of the sophomore class of 26-27, who stood on the high school steps 86 years ago. You may recognize a few names.

Front Row: George Case, Elizabeth Case, Jessie Swanson, Marguerite Christensen, Leonard Wright
Second Row: Hugh Beckett – Teacher Adviser, Grace Monohan, Elsie Boyles, Venetta Lund, Agnes Mensik, Berniece Asplund, Margaret Griffith Third Row: Dave Benston, Marvin Brock, Carl Langberg, Ross LeMaster, Mike Schutsky
Fourth Row: Edison Rathbone, Elmer Schnell, Carl Bernent, Phillip Carlson, Orville Smith, Fred Brown

Photo courtesy of Smith family.

Class names - EHS Sophomore, 1926-27
Class names – EHS Sophomore, 1926-27

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  1. Agnes Mensik was the youngest daughter of Frank and Mary Mensik. In 1951, Mike Schutsky married Mrs. Josephine (Rotter) Mensik, widow of Frank Mensik Jr., brother of Agnes.


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