Canyon Road Construction (ca. 1919)

Logging the canyon
Logging the canyon

With all the ongoing work on the Canyon Road right now, I thought it might be a good time to put up some early construction photos.

The first shot is of team logging to make place for the road. The steam donkey is running, so the guys must have just taken a break for a picture.

The second shot is Robert McGilvery and crew working on the road. All the equipment at their feet is incredible — and mostly likely high tech of the time.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click on images to enlarge.

Robert Mc Gilvery and team building the Canyon Road
Robert Mc Gilvery and team building the Canyon Road


4 responses to “Canyon Road Construction (ca. 1919)”

  1. The equipment seen in the photo are jack leg jack hammers used to drill the holes for the dynomite,they were run by abig air compressor, note the air hoses.


  2. The long pipe was the main air line from the compressor the rubber air lines went from that line to the jack hammers so they could be moved around to drill holes in the rock face


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