Farmer Parked Outside the Red and White (ca. 1929)

Truck full of hay outside the Red & White Store
Truck full of hay outside the Red & White Store

A hay truck parked outside the Red and White store on Mashell Ave. in 1929 wasn’t an uncommon sight.

During the 1920s farmers stacked hay loose, versus in bales like today. Before combustion engines, hay was cut with scythes, raked by hand, loaded with hayforks and stored in a bark or someplace dry until it was fed to the livestock.

Hay bailors didn’t come onto the scene until the 1930s and even then not everyone around Eatonville (especially the small farmer) could afford one right off. My grandparents were still stacking it loose into the 1950s.

Photo courtesy of  Pat Van Eaton.

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4 responses to “Farmer Parked Outside the Red and White (ca. 1929)”

  1. I believe this photo is taken along Mashell ave. but from north to south, yhe brick buiding at the far left is the now Big Foot tavern the buiding at the far right of the picture where the truck is parked had to be located where the currant Motor Works shop is or next door to the north. It looks like a hardware store i see an ad for chain on the front


  2. the Red and White was on the corner across from the Bank. I also see Mer on the top face of that Bulding. I’m sure Pat would Know what buiding it is.


  3. Interesting Dialog about the store on the links.thanks, one more interesting tidbit half of the redand white sign for the (new store) is hanging on the side of a small barn in Ohop valley Between Smith’s nursery and Ski Park Rd. Terry or Pat might be interested.


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