Leslie Kipper & Co.

Kipper and Co. Garage on Mashell
Kipper and Co. Garage on Mashell

The Kipper Ford garage was located on Mashell Ave.

The Kipper garage employee was part of the crew that went after the robbers in the 1922 bank robbery.

Check out what appear to be an extremely early gas pump in the pictures.

Kipper Garage
Kipper Garage

“Around 1912, manufacturers began to enclose the mechanics of the curbside pumps in cabinets. The more basic cabinets covered just the necessary “workings” of the pump, while the more elaborate cabinets were the full height of the pump and often stylized. At this time, company logos began to appear on the pump, either on the cabinet itself or on a globe placed atop the pump. New improvements in gas pump technology appeared around 1918, changing the face of these early cabinet pumps.”
(Curb Pumps in Cabinets)

Photo courtesy of Rick Parnell and the Parnell family.

Click on image to enlarge.

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