Tribute to Hettie Williams

Hettie Williams
Hettie Duncan Williams as a young woman

There are just certain people who keep things running. They’re are involved, but don’t need notoriety. They can work hard, while making you feel at ease. One of those individuals was Hettie (Duncan) Williams.

Hettie parents, Margaret (1846-1916) and Charles (1853-1933), had six daughters. In 1907 Hettie married a young Eatonville man, by the name of Clyde Williams, and they were together for 58 years.

Grandson, Rich Williams, says, “She was far and away the saint of the Williams clan. Everybody loved her. She was a member of the Rebecca’s, was given an honorary award for her participation in the Eatonville P.T.A., was the first chairman of the Mary Bridge Orthopedic Guild and was always front and center for any charitable event.”

Rich adds, “When she attended the basketball games my brother and I played in, you could hear her cheering us on as well as arguing with the refs if Jon or I committed a foul.”

Hettie died of cancer in 1965. Rich recalls, “It was the evening of my Senior Ball. I can still see the light on in her bedroom as we drove by their house when I was taking my date home that night.”

Hettie Williams as an older woman
Hettie Williams as an older woman

To all you great women of Eatonville, we tip our hats today!

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams.

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Hettie Duncan Williams (bottom right) with parents and sisters
Hettie Duncan Williams (bottom right) with parents and sisters


Clyde Willaims
Clyde Willaims


Hettie Duncan Williams' parents -
Hettie Duncan Williams’ parents – Charles and Margaret


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