May Pole – 1950s

May Pole dance 1950s
May Pole dance 1950s

The May Pole has been a part of Eatonville’s May Day celebrations since its start. In fact, if you wanted to find out if someone went to school in Eatonville, one of the questions would be, “What year did you dance the May Pole?”

We are part of a grand tradition. The May Pole has been a recorded practice in parts of Europe since Medieval times.

Here are a couple shots from (I think) the 1950s may poles. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

May Pole - ca. 1950s
May Pole – ca. 1950s

Photos courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

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4 responses to “May Pole – 1950s”

  1. So, my mom was teasing me about if I did a May pole dance today, when I reminded her that I was a dancer back in 1978-1981? Memory and age thing….lol When I attended Eatonville elementary. As I remember, I went to third and 4th grade at the big school k-12, then my parents held me back at 4th grade, and the first year of the new elementary school a few blocks away. My younger brother posted on facebook that he danced as well, and that he remembers me dancing for the community celebration. Do you have any sources of records of the dancers names for each year? I can visualize my partner, but cant remember her name. Thanks


    • It was usually fourth grade that danced. What year would have have been? And do you know who your teacher was? There are definitely class pictures, which I think the school keeps records of.


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