Red & White Store

Red and White Store
Red and White Store

The Red and White store used to be a familiar feature on Mashell Ave. For years you’d walk in and find Keith Malcom and Jesse Dawkins ready to serve you.

The building is no longer standing, and the spot it used to sit is currently the Kirk’s Pharmacy parking lot.

The memories live on though. Here are a few.

Barbara Baublits Schatz: Loved the meat market smell as you were walking up the ramp.

David Beane: I remember the tinkley little bell when entering from Mashall Ave. Because of the ramp, the store clerk could not always see if someone entered the store.

Frank Hurlburt: I remember going there to buy feed for the horses and chickens. Mom used to buy my Levi’s there too.

Image courtesy of Randy Stewart.

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3 responses to “Red & White Store”

  1. I remember being in the Red & White with my mother, Norma Treadwell, when I was a little girl and suddenly there was a big commotion in the street outside. People were shouting, hugging each other and honking their car horns. We went out the front of the store to learn that it had just been announced that WWII had ended. I also remember walking to the Red & White with my friend, Donna Haarstad, when we were kids to buy great big pickles for 5 cents from Keith Malcom in the meat market. He was so nice to us and we thought he was very handsome.


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