Cecil Williams and Otto Haynes with their Dogs

Cecil Williams and his dog
Cecil Williams and his dog

Photos of Eatonville’s past are filled with people and and their dogs. Here are two shots of boys with their dogs — Cecil Williams and Arne O. Haynes and his dog Jiggs Jr.

If you’ve got a picture of an Eatonville-ite and their dog, please share.

Photos courtesy of the Haynes family and Rich and Ruthie Williams.

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Otto Haynes and his dog
Arne O. Haynes and his dog – 1926

5 responses to “Cecil Williams and Otto Haynes with their Dogs”

  1. Hi everyone, what a beautiful website, it is a joy to see these photos of our pioneer families and friends. Anne and Otto Haynes were my great-grandparents. I wanted to clarify a bit about the photo above ~ in terms of family history.

    This photograph (right hand side) of the wee boy and Jiggs, the boston terrier, is actually Arne O. Haynes. Arne’s full name was Arndon Otto Haynes and often, confusion ensues when historians are sorting out such names and dates in South Pierce County. So while the caption that GG Anne wrote, reads: “Arndon Otto Haynes” we in the family use Arne normally, to offset confusion. 🙂 Otto Haynes was born in Washington territory in 1886 and died in 1982 on Christmas Day. At any rate, this photograph was of Otto’s son, Arne, born in Eatonville 1924 and died in his Eatonville home in 2011.

    Thank you for all this work, what a joy to read this site. For my children, sixth generation in Washington State, this will be a great resource for them!

    Take good care,

    Leslie “Yatie” Shore
    Olympia, WA


    • PS: The caption on the photo date is set at 1926, so Arne would have been two years old approximately, when the photograph was taken. Great-Grandma Anne raised Boston Terriers, she adored them and felt they were the best dogs in the world! Great photograph!


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