Olga (Olden) Strickland – young girl and beyond

Olga Helen Olden as a young girl  - Ohop Valley pioneer
Olga Helen Olden as a young girl – Ohop Valley pioneer

The Oldens were some of the first pioneers of Ohop Valley — specifically Louis and Emma Olden. There were also Olden children, including Olga, her sister Hannah Olden, and brother Norman Olden. Olga Helene Olden would later became Olga Strickland.

These pictures show a girl growing up in the valley. Born around 1905 we see her as a young girl, a teenager, and then as an older woman in 1967 at the Olden farmhouse.

I remember the older Olga, who was also my babysitter from time to time in the 60s. She had a wonderful spirit and great sense of humor.

Photos curtesy of Linda Lewis.

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Olga Olden with the horses
Olga Olden with the horses

Olga at the farmhouse in 1967
Olga at the farmhouse in 1967


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4 responses to “Olga (Olden) Strickland – young girl and beyond”

  1. Some correcting info.

    The parents were Ole and (I’ll get her name later). Their children were Louie (who married Emma Falk); Jens (who married Hazel Donahoe(sp); Hans (who never married); Olga (who married George Strickland); and Lena (who married Pete Peterson). Hannah(Raysbrook), Norman (Winnifred), Evelyn (Ward) and Hedvig (Johnson & Osborn) were children of Louie and Emma. Hazel brought Margarite,Francis,Pat and Bill to the marriage, and Jens and Hazel had one child Doris(Vormstrand). Olga and George had three children Ken, Harry and Eleanor (Stol). Lena and Pete had five children, Theodore (Lillian), Carleton (Alice), Pearl (Herb Seaman) Helen (never married), and Alice (Al Lewis). And the family goes on!!


    • Wow, this is great. You don’t happen to have a family tree, so we can see this visually? Winefred was my babysitter. Awesome gal!


  2. An addition to the above comment: Ole was married to Hannah Larson, whose brother was John who married Tova and had two children, John (never married) and Anna(Annie)(Fred Henricksen). And the family really goes on!!!


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