Famous Tree Near Mineral – a True Giant

Women and dog photographed with large tree near Mineral, Wash.
Women and dog photographed with large tree near Mineral, Wash.

There was a tree up near Mineral that was huge — even to those that were used to seeing large, old growth trees. People came from all around to have their picture taken in front of it, like these four women here and their dog.

If you’d like to see another photo of people taken with the tree, just click HERE.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

Click on image to enlarge.

6 responses to “Famous Tree Near Mineral – a True Giant”

  1. It is my understanding that this tree was located along the Tacoma Eastern Railroad at a location known as Drawbar, which is just north of where the old town of Flynn was located along Mineral Creek. The TE trains used to stop at Drawbar so folks could go see this tree (see photo elsewhere on this web site). A portion of this tree is on display at the entrance to Pack Forest. Someday I hope to have some time to poke around at Drawbar to find the stump.

    Brian Wise
    General Manager
    Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad & Museum


    • I didn’t know that was the tree at Pack Forest. I’m off to take a picture of it today and add it to the site. Thank you! If you find the stump, please take a picture. 🙂


  2. Di Mettler, did you ever get a picture of the Mineral Fir site (stump, if there is one)? Do you know of any huge Douglas firs in the Mineral area that were spared the saws? If so, we may be visiting your area around Aug. 22-23 and would appreciate any information about either the Mineral tree site or any other huge firs in your area. We’ll be staying at a cabin E. of Packwood from Aug. 21-28.

    Portland, OR


  3. The Mineral Tree was 390 feet tall, taller than any known tree today. It fell in a storm in the early 20th century.It used to be common for fir trees to be taller than redwoods, but those no longer exist, primarily due to indiscriminate logging.


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