Remembers Eatonville’s Rocks Festival

Eatonville Rock Festival, 1970
Eatonville Rock Festival, 1970

It was 1970, Eatonville had its own little Woodstock. Here are a few comments from people who remember the event.

Tom Hamilton (who was a  kid at the time and his parents owned a chicken farm where the Eatonville mill used to sit): The police had the road blocked above our place so the “hippies” were cutting through our property all night ,crossing the river and hiking to the festival. In the morning we found a VW beetle stuck in the chicken manure pile!

 Mike Shelley (logger): Hauled a lot of city folks right into the show from the Sportsman Tavern. Cost them a case of beer a piece. We simply went up on the wrong side of the road passing the waiting lines and drove right in. They would say…….Here comes them crazy loggers again.

If you have a memory, please share!

Photo from Rodney Platt’s site,

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