Very Early Elbe

Early Elbe
Early Elbe, Looking West

This is a view of Elbe when it was a bright, young little town. To get your bearings, the Little Eble Church, which is still standing today is located off the left hand side of the photo toward the bottom.

A Don and Marie Fore Photo, found at

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7 responses to “Very Early Elbe”

  1. So, I am not trying to burst any bubbles here. This is the left half of a photo that is usually a bit more than twice the size. If you Google search the second photo down on the Elbe page is the full version of this photo.

    What makes the full version of this photo especially significant is that it actually pre-dates the IOOF building. To the best of my knowledge the IOOF building was constructed right around 1890. In the full version the IOOF building is not there yet. You can actually see the same buildings that surround the IOOF in later photos, in this photo, but they surround a vacant lot.


    • You’re not bursting my bubble. I got this from someone to post, and I wanted to get it up. I guessed it was part of a whole. Thanks for the info. I’ll get the full image posted. Also, you’ll be able to hear I found some more images on Elbe recently. Most are variations on ones you’ve already seen, but still kind of cool.


      • Awesome. I don’t know what it is about that town, but I like it. The more historic images we can find the better. Here is an interesting fact regarding this particular image. The left most building with the smoke coming out of the chimney is the Elbe Hotel. Without a doubt it is the same building seen in the “Elbe 4th of July 1904” photo and the Maxwell motorcar photo I commented on before. The same row of buildings really.

        Of the six or seven good historic photos the internet knows about you can see common buildings that link them all together. Can’t wait to see what else you have.


    • P.S. I got the site and I can’t find the exact photo, but there are LOADS of great images. Thank you for pointing me there. I’ve added the site as a link on this page and plan share some of these!! 🙂


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