The Dinwiddle Home, 1942

img005This picture was provided by Carol Block. You wouldn’t recognize the house, because it’s currently being torn down (on Mashell Ave., on the corner past Roxy).

Carol says, “This is a picture of my grandparents and three of their children.  Left to right, Charley Jones, ( Alvin Jones’s father), Lydia Jones, Clarence Jones (Delores Malcom‘s father), Margaret Dinwiddie (Janet Hayden and Carol Block’s Mother), George Jones (Johnny Jones father and Dale and David Cronkhite grandfather) and Charles Jones.

This was taken about 1942,  My grandfather died in 1945 and grandmother in 1946.  My mother inherited the house and lived there until they built the one nest to it in 1970.  Just a side note, DuWayne Block’s  parents lived in this house before my grandparents bought it.”

Carol adds, “We had an outhouse in back.  Grandma had chickens and rabbits, grandpa had a cow, all on the main street of Eatonville.”

Courtesy of Carol Block.

Click on image to enlarge.

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