Postcard to John J. Falk (1911)

Falk Postcard 1911 (front)
Falk Postcard 1911 (front)

This postcard was sent to John J. Falk back in 1911 from Sweden.

Translation: Wish you a happy and good Pentecost. I am well and of good health. Lots of greetings with this card. To you from your friend. M.A. Waiting for response.

Mr. Falk written up briefly in the town’s history:

“During April 1913 various plans for an electric light system were discussed and a survey made to determine [a] number of possible users: also possibility of [the] town procuring free fuel from the Eatonville Lumber Company for a steam power electric lighting plant. In June, the committee met with John Falk for the purpose of securing [a] site for a dam and power house on Lynch Creek for municipal light and power plant.

In July they met to consider steps in the construction of a hydro-electric light and power plant . . . Mr. Snow had secured pledges amour to $39,900 [$975,000 by today’s standards]  in a partial canvass of the town, this being based on the purchase of the site at Lynch Creek and the construction of a transmission line to LaGrande for current.

Footnote: 1954. The site was purchased and is still owned by the town, but the dam and power house were not built. The town owns and maintina its own distribution lines from LaGrande and pays the City of Tacoma for electricity used each month, the town in turn collecting from users.”   (History of Southeastern Pierce County)

Falk Postcard 1911 (back)
Falk Postcard 1911 (back)

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler. Translation by Venke Lyngsnes.

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