1912 Eatonville Ads (Bridge, Kipper, Bridge, Howard & Benston)

1912 Ad (EHS Catalog)
1912 Ad (EHS Catalog)

Want to get a glimpse of Eatonville in 1912? Just look at the advertisements. This page of ads comes from the 1912 EHS High School Catalog. You may recognize some familiar names. A. W. Bridge M.D. was one of the town’s first doctor’s. When he passed away he gave his money in his mother’s (Mary Bridge) to a children’s hospital. The hospital still goes by that name today.

Kipper Garage
Kipper Garage

The Kippers were a familiar name in town. Later on you would be able to have your car fixed at the Kipper Ford Garage.

G. B. Ingersoll’s store would later burn in the fire of 1915. Japanese citizens went in and removed the dynamite in the back of his store before it went off.

Howard & Benston were bankers. In 1912 they were paying out 4% on deposits.

Images courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams and Pat Van Eaton.

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Eatonville Fire, May 1915
Eatonville Fire, May 1915

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