Valley Fair — Eatonville Band and Its Bull (ca. 1910)

Eatonville Band at Valley Fair
Eatonville Band at Valley Fair

The Eatonville School Band played at the early Western Washington Fair in 1910, then called the Valley Fair. This year, the band had a special attraction, a bull. I’ll have to find out the name of the bull, as it’s still remembered as an incredibly friendly bull. As you can see, the smaller members of the band even got to ride him.

I guess it beats marching.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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Eatonville School band at valley fair
Eatonville School band at Valley Fair ca. 1910 – photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton

Eatonville Band at the Washington State Fair 1910

One response to “Valley Fair — Eatonville Band and Its Bull (ca. 1910)”

  1. In the bottom picture,bottom row the boy on the far right is John Nagley. His family first homesteaded next to Rotters inalder area, now alder mashell road. Then moved to Eatonville and owned most of the land where plaza market sits and south along washington.


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