Alder Road (early 1900s)

Walter Ashford involved in road construction
Alder road construction

All the information I have with this photo is “Alder Road Construction.” If anyone has more details, please share them.

The planks in the background I assume were going to be used for the road. I say this because here’s another shot, this time of Alder’s main street, made from planks.

Images courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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Alder's Main street
Alder’s Main street


One response to “Alder Road (early 1900s)”

  1. The man in the photo with the shovel looks like Henry Hedborg, and the Alder road they are describing could be the road that went north up the hill from alder passing the carlson,suderberg,tony,englands to the Hedborg homestead with a fork at the top of the hill heading east to the marek and Rottr places.


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