Staff of Camp In the Clouds (1911)

1911 Staff of Camp in the Clouds
1911 Staff of Camp in the Clouds

In 1911, should be you have the chance to stay at Camp in the Clouds at Mount Rainier, you would have met a number of these folks — the staff mostly from the Ashford area.

“Kate Borden, standing in the middle, is surrounded by family members and neighbors. The camp was open from mid-July to the end of September. This is just one of the several income-generating projects the Borden family undertook each year.” (Mount Rainier National Park.)

Photo courtesy of Laurie Anderson Osborn.

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3 responses to “Staff of Camp In the Clouds (1911)”

    • LeAnna Gaydeski,

      You can probably find some of your Borden ancestors are buried in Pierce County. Maybe some of these folks are Camp in the Clouds staff?

      Search on “Kate Borden” or whatever specific names you know.

      If not, click around to find other Bordens buried in Pierce County with “virtual memorial” pages that may give you hints about your Borden ancestors. If whoever is managing the memorial is not already your relative, ask for a transfer and you can post cool things you discover about that ancestor on their memorial page.

      Also, a search on their full name as a phrase “Kate Borden” AND “Camp in the Clouds” for example will turn up whatever anyone has posted online about that era.


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